Choosing what to wear to a headshot session is vital to getting a great photo. Remember, the focus of a headshot is your face, so keep your outfit simple.

Your line of business will help in determining your outfit. A corporate headshot for a business person or real estate agent will generally be a business suit. For actors or models choose something that matches your style.

When choosing an outfit avoid patterns or outfits with logos or words on them. Choose an outfit with a basic mid tone color. Blues, greens, purples, and maroons look great on most people. Avoid colors that are in the flesh tones like creams or beige that can make you look washed out. Also avoid whites and blacks as they can blend into the background.

Women should choose a very simple neckline and use very little jewelry. Simple earrings and avoid a necklace or use a very basic necklace. Your headshot should not have any distracting elements. Remember, the emphasis is on your face.

For women makeup should also be very basic. It is easy to add makeup in post processing if needed, but very hard to remove it if it is too much. Keep it simple.

What to wear to a headshot session
What to wear to a headshot session

What to wear to a headshot session for men

Men also need to avoid whites, blacks and beige colors when possible. Choosing mid tone colors such as blue, green, purples and maroons tend to be safe choices for most people.

For men what to wear to a headshot session depends on your line of work.

If you are in business or real estate a well pressed suit is a must. Make sure the suit is free of any loose threads and choose a simple tie.

If you are an actor or a model choose a solid colored shirt or sweater. Choose a style that reflects your personality but remember, very little of your outfit will be visible. So no need to spend a fortune.