real estate headshots long islandAs a real estate agent on Long Island it is important to have  great headshots. A headshot helps you stand out from the crowd.

But what you may not know, is that headshots for a real estate agent are slightly different than that for an actor or model. For a real estate agent your headshots should convey a sense of approach-ability and trust. We can help guide you to get the perfect expression in your headshots.

Also your headshot helps a client recognize you at an open house or at your first meeting. That is why it is so important to keep your headshot up to date. If you have had a major change to your hair style or color, or just haven’t updated your picture in five years or more, it is time for a new photo.

In the worse case, an out of date headshot could convey a lack of attention to detail. As an agent in a crowded market like Long Island, you need every advantage.

We can help you get an edge on the competition with individual sessions or a group rate for several agents. Contact us or book a session to get started.