Professional HeadshotsThank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my shooting process.

I generally book only two headshot sessions per day. One in the morning and one after lunch.

This means we can take our time with our shoot and get it right. I do not limit you with a 15 minute session or a 20 minute session. There won’t be someone in the waiting room so you are never going to be rushed out the door.

To get a great headshot I want you to be relaxed and take all the time you need. This will also give you the flexibility to bring different outfits for clothing changes and shoot against different color backgrounds.  Now don’t worry – we won’t waste time. I know you have other things to do. But I want you to get the headshot you need and get your money’s worth.

I will take care of all the studio stuff — the lighting, the composition, the background.  I will coach you so that your pose and angels are correct. I will guide you with your expression as well. The expression is where the magic happens with headshots and it can’t happen if you are not relaxed or feel rushed. Having a relaxed pace will ensure that you get the highest quality product we can create together. Again, the key ingredient is feeling relaxed. It is almost impossible to feel this way if you are on the clock and only have a few minutes left in your session. No one wants to hear the clock ticking…

During the shooting process we will take a few breaks to review images on a computer screen and check our progress. Sometimes when we nail a shot I get a bit excited and want you to see it right away. The important part is that we have some fun along the way to getting some great shots.

When viewed, a headshot should convey a sense of confidence and approachability.  There are subtle clues in a headshot that your conscious brain picks up that conveys this message. When a headshot is viewed by a prospective client or boss these are the things that make your headshot stand out in a crowd.

When we are done shooting we will sit down together and review the photos. You will get to look at all the images we shot together and pick your favorites. I’ll help guide you through this process offering as much or as little advice as you need. Each image you choose will be professionally edited and retouched. It will then be delivered in high resolution digital image and one suited for uploading to social media sites like Linked In and Instagram. This saves you the extra steps of having to crop or resize your headhsots after your purchase.


There is a flat session fee of $185 which includes unlimited shooting time, outfit changes, and different background colors.

After we finish shooting we will sit down, have a cup of coffee or a glass of water and review images together. Once you have selected your favorites you can choose which images you wish to purchase. This way you are not boxed into a package that forces you to pick more images than you need or worse, not enough.

You pay for only what you need. You’re in complete control.

Each final image is $25 each, retouched and edited. Delivered in high res and social media format.

I am fully committed to giving you only the highest quality product and experience possible. My goal is to make you so happy with your shoot that you want to tell all of your friends what a great experience you had. I want you to leave with images you will be confident in sharing and that make you successful in whatever it is you pursue.

I look forward to working with you.

Joe – Photographer


The studio based headshot session fee is a flat

$185 Session Fee
  • No Time Limit
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Different Colored Backgrounds
  • Preparation Before Shoot
  • Retouched Images
  • You Choose the Final Images
  • Images Only $25 each

Frequently Asked Questions

Long Island Headshots

What Should I wear?

Wear a solid color shirt with no logos. Avoid busy patterns and anything with writing on it.

What about hair and makeup?

You should have your hair done before the photo shoot. Keep makeup to a minimum.

Long Island Headshots

Which payment methods do you take?

We accept payment via all major credit cards.